New “Birding” section


I’ve created a new section to post some of my “birding” pics taken with my new camera.

While the results are probalby mostly ranging from mediocre to horrible to a professional photographer, I’m still amazed what one can do with the Nikon’s zoom while not lugging around a tripod (which I’m usually doing anyway when birding for my spotting scope, but I’ve yet to buy a 2nd tripod adapter for the camera).

I also hope my composition skills will improve over time so shots will hopefully get better, too… call it a sort of “study history” if you will 😉

You can find the section as a new page next to the “home” link on top.

2 thoughts on “New “Birding” section

  1. Robin

    Well on that picture, it might could look like you have taken a pic after the brid has just done his personal business 😉

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