Fixing FaceTrackNoIR head tracking with 64bit game binaries

If you’re like me, you’re both a simracing and flightsimming buff. My sims of choice are rfactor2 for simracing and Falcon BMS (4.33 was released not too long ago) for flight sims.

While using a head tracking device feels very natural when it comes to flightsimming (I’m using the excellent DelanClip with FaceTrackNoIR), it always felt strange when simracing in rfactor2, I just couldn’t get used to it. The fact that the stock FTNoIR install didn’t work with the 64bit rfactor2 executable didn’t help, either.

Shtalik” on the BMS forum came up with a solution: Simply use the npclient64.dll from the OpenTrack zip archive and extract it to your FTNoIR directory. Following that, you should not have any problems enjoying head tracking in your favourite 64bit sim of choice.



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