R.I.P. Kitty


Today our kitty of 14 years “Krimhild” passed away. All was well when I let her in this morning around 7am, she had some food and then joined us in bed cuddling up on the blanket over the sheets. Shortly after she went downstairs again.

I followed her a few minutes later to get my tea from the kitchen, and then she was still well under the kitchen table until she tried to get up: her entire rear end got limp and she dragged herself along on her front paws only. We took her to the vet about 30 minutes later (once the emergency practise opened at 9:30), and I was fearing the worst already but the doc was quite positive, gave her a few injections against a thrombosis and a painkiller and she said that the next few hours would determine if chances were good for a full recovery. (like the blood clot dissolving or similar)

We took Kitty home again and she seemed more lively than before, meowing in a protesting manner like she usually does when she’s on the way home from the vet, but over the next few hours her condition deteriorated more and more until she passed away, rather peacefully, on her favourite spot on the living room couch at around noon today.

Some warmth had returned to her rear body by then, but apparently she still didn’t feel anything.

We buried her in my dad’s garden in a shady spot under an old beech growing there alongside two other kitties from our neighbours, and fittingly our entire family was present. We drank to her to wish her godspeed to her journey to the beer volcano, and I sprinkled a bit of single malt on her mound to bless her passing.

Godspeed Krimhild, it was nice to have you along watching our kids growing up, being bitten a few times and so on… *sniff*.


3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Kitty

  1. Paul

    Sadness…Sorry for your loss Uwe, they do claw their way into your heart, and their loss is always deeply felt.

  2. Doug

    Condolences Hoover. Only thing worse than losing a pet is never having them. You gave her the best, and that is all anyone can offer them during their far too short lives.

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