Hoovers Piece of Pie

I finally got around to setting up my Raspberry Pie (v2, 512 mb RAM, 8GB SD-Card) over the last week. Right now, it’s a print- and openvpn server and also functions as a webcam using a logitech quickcam connected to the 2nd USB port.

I had no luck with Raspbian as it continuously failed to set up the ethernet port (even when hard-coding an ifconfig in /etc/rc.local), so I gave Arch Linux a try on the pie (that rhymes) and it worked like a charm beginning with the first boot (I had planned taking a look at Arch for a long time anyway, so this was the perfect opportunity.




As you can see, the pie is not really mounted in any sort of professional manner, but I hope to get around to building a Lego “case” for it over the weekend. Once it’s achieved a decent uptime, I’ll move the setup into the cellar but for now, I like to look at the blinking lights every once in a while when I’m hacking away on other projects 😉

Arch Linux is surprisingly lean and uses less than a Gigabyte of space on the SD-Card, currently about 1,1GB are used on the root partition out of 2gb that the setup allocated for it.

Edit: Case prototype made from LEGO :




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