Using Juniper Network Connect on Ubuntu / Linux Mint 64 bit with SecureID token authentication


Why another step-by-step recipe? Well, none of the ones available worked for me on Linux Mint13 64bit, so here’s a quick rundown of what you need to do in order to connect to your juniper networks vpn gateway using Linux Mint / Ubuntu 64bit and your SecureID token (I cannot test any other methods).

Executive Summary  / Abstract

For the impatient, here’s a list of the required steps:

  • Ensure your browser has a working java plugin (I used firefox)
  • download latest jnc software from your vpn gateway
  • download the vpn gateway certificate & store it locally
  • ensure the first “java” found in your PATH is a 32 bit version (installed from Oracle’s tar.gz-Archive, for instance)
  • ensure /etc/resolv.conf exists, otherwise nsvc will segfault after making a connection

Need more info? Proceed at your own risk! 😉


Remove / rename any previous installation from your home directory, changing to your home directory first:

mv .juniper_networks backup_juniper_networks

Make sure you are using Firefox for the next step with the java plugin enabled and “xterm” installed on your system (ia32-libs are required so that your system can run 32bit binaries):

sudo apt-get install xterm ia32-libs

The Gritty Details

In firefox, type “about:plugins” in the browser bar and make sure the java plugin stuff comes up.

Fire up your browser and go to your regular VPN login page to log in, using your secureid and token like you would on Windows.

Download & install the juniper networks software as usual, allow the java executable to run. (an xterm will come up asking you for your password). At least this much seemed to work out of the box for me.

If everything goes well, you’ll find a new .juniper_networks directory in your home directory.

Change into that directory and install a 32bit JDK from I used this one:


cd .juniper_networks



If wget doesn’t work, point your browser to and download the file manually, then move the tar archive to the .juniper_networks-Folder once the download is complete.

Extract the tar.gz file in your .juniper_networks directory:

tar xvzf jdk-7u17-linux-i586.tar.gz

Rename it to something like “java32” or thereabouts:

mv jdk-7u17-linux-i586 java32

Prepend the new jdk “bin” directory to your PATH:

export PATH=$HOME/.juniper_networks/java32/bin:$PATH

Make sure you’re getting the right java:

which java 

Now comes the really braindead part: Create a file /etc/resolv.conf, otherwise ncsvc will segfault after launch:

sudo emacs /etc/resolv.conf

Enter a std nameserver here, the important thing is that this file exists:


Save the file. On you std. dhcp / network managed Ubuntu, this file won’t exist where jnc expects it, so you have to create it manually. Nice…

Obtain your gateway’s SSL cert using the shell script provided in the “tmp” directory of your jnc installation:

cd ~/.juniper_networks/tmp

chmod +x ./ 

./ ../network_connect/vpn.crt

Change to your network_connect directory and run the “ncsvc” Command like so:

./ncsvc -h -r "Your Realm Name"  -f vpn.crt -L 5 -u username -p xxxxYYYYYY

If you don’t know the realm, check the HTML source of your login page, it’s usually passed along to the cgi script using some form of “hidden” input tag.  “xxxx” is your SecureID pin, with “YYYYYY” indicates the current token.

That’s it. Check the file ncsvc.log for any errors that might crop up. To track down the resolv.conf problem, I had to run “strace” on the command line above, dirty work but if it solves the problem…


All of this could be scripted up nicely (the PATH modification, the resolv.conf bits and so on), but wouldn’t it be easier if Juniper fixed their software? It’s quite hard to believe such a pile of crap should be let loose unto the world by such a renowned company, who knows what else lies waiting in this huge binary blob… sorry for the rant.  😉



Hope this helps some of you, feel free to comment if you run into problems.



5 thoughts on “Using Juniper Network Connect on Ubuntu / Linux Mint 64 bit with SecureID token authentication

  1. Khairul

    I need to run Juniper Network Connect on Oracle Linux 6 64 Bit, can somebody help me please……….

    I am able to install the RSA follow this thread

    and run 32bit java follow this thread

  2. sura

    hi,friend ,thanks for you share this ,when i want to do it in my system,i found that not found in my tmp file,just a floder named META and nothing in it

  3. sura

    hi,i found the ./ when i run the VPN CLIENT .
    but when i command ./ ../network_connect/vpn.crt it tell me unkown host,
    i login the vpn with the page
    so i command like this
    “./ ../network_connect/vpn.crt “

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