Hi folks,

welcome to Hoover’s new home on the web. After more than 15 years of maintaining my private web pages, I thought it was high time to move to something new. While my own Zope based custom solution still fit the bill, it was severely lacking in doing a quick update, new page and what have you, so for now, I’ve decided to give wordpress a try which seems to have all the features I require for easy maintenance and quick “updateability”.

I’m currently in the process of moving over the old content to the new location, so you may run into some rough spots here and there.

You can also follow me on twitter (“hoover67”) if you’re interested in my daily (un)doings.

All the best, Uwe

1 thought on “Welcome

  1. Alison

    Hi Hoover!

    Thanks for sending the link to your new website. I like that you have categories for both “Rants” and “Rezepte” aka Recipes…. and they are right next to each other! Perhaps you will have rants about recipes one of these days too.

    Cheers, Alison

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